The Parish Plan


1. Healthcare

1.1 There are no Healthcare facilities within the parish. Existing facilities at Hucknall and Ravenshead appear to be stretched to keep up with demand. Results of the Village Appraisal showed a generally good level of satisfaction (for example, doctors rating for local services was 49 good, 16 average, 5 poor). The age profile of the village is such that a quarter of all parishioners are aged sixty or above. The average lifespan of the population in general is increasing so putting additional strain on all services. Any additional housing development, or nursing home provision in the locality will only serve to make matters worse.


The Parish Council will continue to press for adequate Healthcare facilities. and if possible, the provision of some services within the parish.

2. The Church

2.1 The churches of St. James', Papplewick, and St. Michael's, Linby jointly form the Linby-cum-Papplewick ecclesiastical Parish. We are fortunate to have a Parish Priest (resident in Linby) and a thriving Church community. At least one service is held at each church every Sunday. The Church runs a Sunday School, Pathfinders (ages 11-14) and Youth Group (ages 15-18). Other groups run by the Church include Emmaus, Supper Club, a Ladies Group etc. 350 copies of 'Parish News' are distributed monthly.


The Parish Council will support the Parochial Church Council in ensuring that:

a) Worship provision is maintained in Papplewick.

b) Papplewick retains a resident parish priest.

3. Burial Facilities

3.1 There is effectively no space within the existing Papplewick St. James' churchyard for further burials. A similar situation exists at St. Michael's in Linby. Concerns have been expressed in some quarters that a future burial ground would be within a cemetery rather than a churchyard, although the majority view expressed is that extensions to existing churchyards is the preferred option. Existing cemeteries at Mansfield and Redhill would not be a preferred location for some parishioners and discussions are currently taking place with the local authority to find alternative sites. This includes the possibility of Papplewick and Linby sharing a site with neighbouring Ravenshead.


The Parish Council will actively pursue the provision of adequate burial facilities in the locality, although of necessity this may not be within the parish boundary.

4. Public House

4.1 The local public house "The Griffins Head" performs a useful role in village life. Used both as a restaurant and as a "local" by both parishioners and visitors alike, it meets both requirements well. A concerted campaign some years ago to resist changes to the fabric of the listed building and retain the traditional role was successful. However, in the world of business, priorities and trends vary so a watchful eye will need to be maintained on any future developments. As the establishment relies to a certain extent on passing trade, inevitably this draws traffic to the village. Whilst the amount of increased traffic has not been a real issue, the incidence of vehicle theft and damage to vehicles has. The employment of security personnel goes some way to alleviating the problem but higher visibility policing would also help.


The Parish Council will support the view that The Griffins Head be retained in its present form.

5. Policing

5.1 Policing of the village and surrounding rural areas continues to be a cause for concern for many people. Recent changes to the organisation both in respect of "Beat Managers" or local officer's areas and the rearrangement of the police divisions present a perceived shortage of officers on the ground. With a high proportion of crime in the area being vehicle related, there have been many calls for more visible police officers to provide a deterrent to crimes being committed. A move to more reactive policing is seen as deterioration in the level of cover provided. Of particular concern is the withdrawal of local officers to attend incidents within the more urban areas, leaving rural areas vulnerable.


The Parish Council will continue to press the respective authorities to provide a visible police presence in the area.

5.2 Neighbourhood Watch - There is currently no active Neighbourhood Watch in operation. Meetings held in the past to set up a scheme have been well attended but the momentum has regrettably not been maintained. Roadside signs advising of a Neighbourhood Watch in the area remain but there is little other evidence of such a scheme.

5.3 Given the concerns about lack of visible policing in the Parish and rising crime rates in rural areas, it may be advantageous to reintroduce or "kick start" the existing scheme. The Village appraisal results indicate that one third of adults who responded to the questionnaire would be willing to become involved in a "good neighbour scheme".


The Parish Council will encourage the reintroduction of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme throughout the parish with the involvement of willing parishioners.

6. Playgroup

6.1 A very good playgroup operates within the Village Hall. This well used facility attracts children both from the village and surrounding area. There are several other playgroups within the locality, for example Hucknall and Ravenshead. On a smaller scale, child minding is offered in the village as an alternative.


The Parish Council will support the provision and use of Playgroups in the locality.

7. Education - Primary and Secondary

7.1 There are no schools within the parish. Primary education is catered for at the Linby-cum-Papplewick Church of England School together with other schools in the locality. Secondary schools are located in Hucknall, Arnold and further afield. Should proposed housing development take place on land to the North of Papplewick Lane, then this will undoubtedly put a strain on the existing facilities in the area. Additionally, were housing to again be suggested for land at Top Wighay Farm site, it is by no means certain that the Primary School mentioned in Gedling Council's original Local Plan would be provided. Travelling to schools in the area has been a subject of discussion, as most children are taken by car due to lack of suitable transport facilities.


The Parish Council will actively pursue the provision of adequate school facilities for the parish.

8. Parish Council

8.1 Papplewick Parish Council is committed to operating within the Government guidelines for Quality Parish Councils. Members work to the rules of The Code of Practice for Parish Councils and the Declaration of Interests. Recently introduced legislation, for example for auditing parish accounts, will create an increasingly challenging environment in which to work in future. The individual Councillors themselves bring a wide range of experience in different fields. Under the guidance of the Chairman, together with professional support from the Clerk to the Council, they endeavour to perform their duties in a totally satisfactory manner.

8.2 In addition to their statutory roles, they carry out many others voluntarily, particularly in areas such as The Moor Pond Wood Project and Best Kept Village. Ongoing maintenance keeps the Playing Field and Parish Footpaths in good order. The Council has a good relationship with both the local Borough and County Councils and will continue to maintain this.

8.3 The 1998 Appraisal results indicate that a fair proportion of parishioners believes communication between the Council and parishioners could be improved. This has been addressed with the introduction of regular Newsletters to nearby households, rather than just to addresses within the parish boundary. Public attendance at meetings continues to be sparse, despite the regular publication of meeting dates both in the Newsletters and on the three notice boards. This is hopefully to be taken as an indication that people are generally satisfied with the way the Council operates, rather than due to a lack of interest.


The Parish Council will continue to operate in a quality manner for the general well being of the parish. It will work to the respective legislation and guidelines as issued from time to time.

9. Parish Website

9.1 The parish website,, continues to grow, being a useful medium for disseminating information. A lot of very good information can be accessed from links on the site, ranging from details of regular local group meetings to details of the local church and school etc. Worthy of particular mention are the links to local history, woodlands and footpaths.


The Parish Council will continue to use electronic media such as the Internet to promote its activities and provide information about the parish.

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