The Parish Plan


1. Farming & Agricultural Diversification

1.1 By far the largest business in the parish has for many years been arable farming. There is also some livestock kept in the parish. Every day considerable farming activity can be seen, no doubt this contributed to the high score in the Appraisal for people who like "living in a country setting". Farming is a serious business and nationally has suffered a number of set backs in recent years, not least the Foot & Mouth crisis and the continuing knock on effects. Future decisions by the farming community may lead to a decline in livestock being kept and a change in the type of farming carried out.

1.2 Already in Nottinghamshire there are trials of alternatives to traditional crops, for example Lavender is being cultivated. Continuous improvements both to methodology and machinery may not require as much labour as in past years so there are unlikely to be increased employment prospects.


The Parish Council will continue to support the farming community to maintain this important industry.

2. Alternative Land Use

2.1 The area of land that has been most clearly identified for alternative use is the extension to the existing Tarmac quarry site adjacent to Mansfield Road. On cessation of the proposed quarrying for sand, possibly in ten years time, the site will be turned over to an alternative use. Suggestions at this early stage include an Outdoor Activity Centre, Motocross Circuit and Nature Reserve. A new footpath to link in with the proposed circular walk taking in the Pumping Station is also included. Although planned for implementation some years away, it is heartening to see that the owners have consulted with the Parish Council in discussing their plans for the site at an early stage.

2.2 As far as other sites are concerned it is difficult to say what may be proposed in the future, as none have been identified. The most likely prospect is for re-applications for housing development, on sites that have been applied for previously.


The Parish Council will monitor closely any applications for alternative land use.

3. Large-scale Industrial Development

3.1 There are currently no large-scale industrial developments within the parish; the Parish Council would in principle be opposed to any in future. There is concern that proposed development in neighbouring Linby on the Top Wighay Farm site will have a serious impact on traffic, particularly the possibility of Heavy Goods Vehicle movements and commuter traffic. This is discussed further in the transport section of this plan.


The Parish Council would continue to oppose any large-scale industrial development.

4. Promotion of Small Businesses

4.1 The Village Appraisal identified a number of small businesses operating in the parish. Activities varied, from small scale engineering and manufacturing to horticultural nurseries. The professional groups were also well represented, as was the motor trade. Whilst some people do work from their home address, several travel up to three miles to work, so a fair proportion of those will be employed within the parish. The Council considers it important to support the principle of a good cross section of small businesses to maintain a thriving parish. An area that is likely to increase in future is the number of people who work from home using modern technology. Connection to the "wired society" enables more use of teleworking; as such the amount of travelling is often reduced providing benefits for all.


The Parish Council will support initiatives to provide a modern technology infrastructure within the parish.

4.2 One significant facility that is lacking in the area is a retail shop outlet. A mobile greengrocery van does call at the Village Hall on Friday mornings but only a few people currently make use of it. Whether this service could be extended or duplicated is an interesting subject for debate. A fair number of people stated that they would support a community shop, especially if it provided Post Office facilities. Whilst the Post Office is unlikely in the present climate to provide such a service, the Council would support any initiatives to enable people to shop or carry out other activities within the parish.


The Parish Council will support initiatives to provide a retail facility in the parish.

5. Tourism

5.1 Tourism is an increasing industry. Locally there are many attractions to be enjoyed. Newstead Abbey, the Pumping Station and Sherwood Forest immediately come to mind. Within a short distance the Country Parks at Bestwood and Burntstump are attractive with Holme Pierrepoint and Colwick parks nearer to Nottingham, which together with Southwell and Newark, albeit a little further away, are interesting places offering a wealth of opportunities for the tourist. The "Hidden Valley" initiative offers the prospect of an additional leisure attraction. Walkers particularly enjoy this part of the county and make use of the many footpaths available to them. Improvements to the footpath network are discussed more fully in the Recreation section of this Plan. There are currently limited places where overnight accommodation can be found in the vicinity. This is one area where, given support, an opportunity to develop such facilities could succeed. It should be noted though that not all parishioners are in favour of encouraging overnight tourists.


The Parish Council will continue to support the tourist industry in promoting the local attractions, to include appropriate facilities within the parish.


The Parish Council will encourage the use of existing dwellings to provide Bed & Breakfast facilities in the area.

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