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(This page was last updated on October 3, 2010 )

25/09/2010 10:34


Please be aware that in the last few days we have had two reports of a scam involving the delivery of a package for a neighbour that requires payment. The unsuspecting victim, pays for the delivery in good faith only to find out when they pass the parcel on that it contains worthless junk and the neighbour knows nothing about it. The Victim received a call beforehand from a person claiming to be a solicitor who politely requested that the victim receive and pay a taxi driver for the urgent package as the neighbour may not be available. The amounts paid where in excess of £50 each time.

Please be aware of this scam and be cautious, we all need good neighbours but must be careful that this is not taken advantage of.
22/09/2010 11:36

Thefts of Lead

So far during the month of September 2010 there have been 34 reported thefts of lead from roofs in Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe Boroughs. The range of premises attacked runs from bay windows and porches of houses to commercial buildings, schools and churches. With larger buildings the theft often goes unnoticed until there is heavy rain when ceilings may be brought down and other damage caused so it may be that there have been unreported offences.

Offenders are motivated by the present high value of scrap lead. A small hatchback car could transport £500 worth of stolen metal. Work is being done to catch the other offenders who pay the thieves for the stolen metal but the current rewards encourage offenders to take high risks. This type of crime is often done stealthily in the small hours of the morning. Offenders use whatever they can find to climb onto porches and roofs - wheeled bins make good ladders and will support a surprising weight. They are also useful for transporting heavy metals such as lead to awaiting vehicles.

Various things can be done to reduce the chances of this happening to you. Wherever possible secure any climbing aids where they cannot be used to get onto your roof . Smearing grease or using non-drying paint on the lead will make it less likely that the offenders will touch the metal. Painting the metal so that it is less obvious that there is lead on the roof may also help. Lead can be replaced with waterproof roof felt and there are modern systems using fibreglass.

If you know who is committing the thefts or handling the stolen lead please let the Police know. You can telephone 0300 300 9999 and ask to report the information to local officers. You can use the facility to report information securely on the Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe community sites. You might prefer to report information anonymously through Crimestoppers - 0800 555111.

15/09/2010 15:35
Wheelie bins
There have been some recent incidents where plastic wheeled refuse / recycling bins have been set on fire having been placed against carports and other structures of dwellings. This has led to injury and damage to property and we are concerned that worse might happen. Wheelie bins can also be used for other crime - they can be used as ladders and will bear a surprising weight and as containers to carry away stolen property and materials such as roofing lead.

In Gedling Borough anyone who is disabled can contact the Borough Council's Direct Services Department who will be able to arrange for a free service to put your bin(s) out and return them after collection (known as "Assisted Pull Out"). This could help to ensure that the bins are on the private side of your boundary.

Other advice to reduce the risks mentioned above would be to chain your bins together and padlock them to an eye bolt or a ground anchor as far away as possible from your home. You could also purchase a proprietary wheeled bin lock for each bin so that the bin would only be unlocked on collection days and when you need to put some contents in it. It is much more difficult to set a bin on fire if the lid is locked down.

If none of the above is possible please make every effort to keep the bins away from public view.
26/07/2010 UK Water Industry 'Distraction Burglary' Initiative
Consumers are advised to use the following contact number to check the identity of a 'water company' doorstep caller:   SEVERN TRENT 0845 604 1655
24/06/2010 - 10:16:28
There has been a recent spate of thefts from vehicles parked on the road or on driveways overnight in the Mapperley Plains, Porchester and Gedling areas. In many cases the thief has either been able to reach in through an open window or open an unlocked door to get at valuable property left in the vehicle.

If it is not possible to park in a garage please remove all valuable items such as cash, laptop computers, IPODS or SatNavs and ensure that the vehicle is locked with all windows closed.
18/06/2010 - 09:58:21

There have been several instances recently where residents have received unexpected deliveries of goods from a catalogue company called CHOICE. In a couple of cases the resident has taken in the delivery which was correctly addressed and subsequently received a phone call purporting to be from CHOICE saying that an error had been made. The caller offered to collect the goods. This collection happened and the resident later received an invoice for the goods.

The caller who offered to collect the goods rang on a mobile phone with a number beginning 07539.

If you receive goods in this way which are unexpected we would recommend that you refuse to accept them and require the delivery driver to take them away again.