Historically, the Smithy was to be found at the south end of the village, on Linby lane, just to the west of the crossroads.  The building was later incorporated into 'Crossroads Garage'. When the garage site was redeveloped in 2004/5 the shell of the former smithy was conserved, and re-used.

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This extract is taken from the 25" OS map for 1915, sheet 33.9

This view was taken in around 1910, and shows the building from the south-west.

... and this is the same view taken in 2000.  The two small windows and centre door are part of the original building.

... by February 2005, when this photograph was taken, the shell of the smithy had been incorporated into the new buildings known as 'Blacksmiths Court'..

Smithy Building Feb 2005
On the opposite side of Linby Lane to the smithy was a farm.  This view is taken from the northwest.  The buildings were demolished around 1980. The bus shelter still stands in the same place.

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