This is a collection of material about the Grange Cottages. They were probably built as workers cottages for employees at the Grange Mill.  There are two rows of cottages, at right angles to each other, known as 'the Brick Row' and 'the Stone Row' - for obvious reasons !!

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This map, from the OS 25" plan (sheet 33.5) shows Grange Cottages in 1915.  There were 6 cottages in each row.
At right angles to Moor Road is 'the Brick Row'.  This view shows them before they were renovated in 1996.

This was the rear of 'the Stone Row', in a derelict state, in 1995.
This is the view of the back of the row as it appeared during renovation, in 1996.  The previous view is the wall between the two new extensions.

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