Farming and land-use in Papplewick parish

Most of the land in Papplewick parish is farmland. The farms of the area are all affected by the same physical factors, yet the detail of what use is made of the land on each farm differs

There are five farms around the parish, shown below:

Top Farm is an arable farm of 223 hectares, lying largely to the north of the village.
West View Farm is a predominantly dairy farm of 131 hectares, lying close to the village itself. This is jointly worked with
Barracks Farm, which is a 111 hectare arable farm that lies to the east of the village.
Stanker Hill Farm is a small arable farm of only 61 hectares located south-east of the village. This is worked in conjunction with four other local farms.
Forest Farm is a mixed farm of 168 hectares to the north-east of the village

Find out more about the physical environment which affects these farms.

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