Council projects:

Cutting the first sod

In 2003, after receiving a petition from young people who live locally, the Parish Council entered a partnership with the Papplewick and Linby Leisure Enterprise Group with the purpose of providing some skateboard facilities on the village playground. After four years work by the Parish Council and Papplewick and Linby Leisure Enterprise Group, construction work started in October 2006. Contractors laid a specialist concrete base on which the skate park equipment was installed.
The concrete pump

The skateboard equipment includes two half pipes, a "fun box 4" and grind rail. The work was completed in June 2007. The whole project cost 35,500 and without the generous help of several partners, the Parish Council would be unable to provide this facility. The project was supported by donations amounting to 9,717 from the Papplewick and Linby Leisure Enterprise Group. It was also partially funded using 17,175 of landfill tax money, administered and distributed by Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN)

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first users

Following a long period of construcution, the skateboard park was finally opened on 29th June 2007. Here we see the first users on the first day.

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The Landfill Community Fund (Formerly, Landfill Tax Credit Scheme (LTCS)) enables landfill site operators to divert a proportion of their annual landfill tax liability to Environmental Bodies.  

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Our thanks extend to all partners for their help and support.

Playing Field Upgrade

The Council is engaged in a rolling programme to upgrade and enhance the playing field to make better provision for the community, including children, young people and adults.
The background

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In 2006 the Council recognised that some of the equipment did not adequately meet the needs of the local community. At the same time, Gedling Borough Council was initiating the development of the Gedling Play Partnership to help in the process of reviewing play provision throughout the district. The partnership produced a strategy document 'Making Play Matter in Gedling,' in an effort to shape the future of children and young people's play throughout the borough over a five-year period. In order to implement the play strategy a number of interested bodies, including parish councils, were brought together under The Gedling Play Partnership. As part of its commitment to ensuring adequate play provision for the people it serves, Papplewick Parish Council joined the Play Partnership. One strand of the Play Partnership's strategy involved a joint application to the Big Lottery Fund’s Children’s Play Programme for resources to improve and develop opportunities for play. The Parish Council secured a grant of £21,840.
The Equipment

The tower unit New equipment was installed in 2008 by Playdale Ltd to offer a variety of inclusive play opportunities. The project was designed to create different playzones within the one facility, allowing a wide range of ages and needs to be catered for. A tower unit equipped with slide, tunnel and bridge replaced the old agility equipment. The 'Little Splot' multi-function piece (specifically designed for 3-8 year olds who were previously not adequately catered for) was added. Surfacing was upgraded to meet all current design specifications for play equipment. Two new waste bins hopefully ensure that the site is kept clean and tidy and will be a welcoming place to play.

The 'Little Splott'Two teen shelters complement the Skate Park and encourage older children to an area they can call their own. Each provides a facility for teenagers who do not wish to be seen playing but still need a placewhere they can socialise with friends. The Parish Council wish to acknowledge the help and support of the Gedling Play Partnership in securing Big Lottery Funding, without which these improvements would not be possible. We are also grateful for a grant of £7,000 from Nottinghamshire Community Foundation which enabled us to purchase the 'Little Splot' multi-function play item.
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