The story so far ...


December 2017:

The Council and Working Group were grateful for the responses that were received from residents, which were largely supportive. There were also a number of responses from organisations. At their meeting on 4th December, the Working Group considered all the responses that were received, and agreed changes that will be made to the draft plan. The updated plan will be submitted to Gedling BC in the New Year for their consideration.

November 2017:

Public consultation took place between 2nd October and the 13th November. More information is available here.

Since the public consultation finished on 13th November, the responses have been collated.

October 2017:

Public consultation took place between 2nd October and the 13th November. More information is available here.

A summary of the draft plan was delivered to every house in the Parish, and posted to business and public body consultees. There were drop-in sessions at the Village Hall

September 2017:

The Parish Council met on 13th September. The draft plan was discussed and it was agreed to proceed to consultation, subject to confirmation from GBC of their Conservation Area consultation. The consulation period will be 2nd October to 13th November. A newsletter, plan summary and response form will be circulated to all residents.

August 2017:

The Working Group met on 29th August 2017 at 19:15 at Mortons Farm to review the text of the plan to be submitted to the Council in September, and discuss the arrangements for consultation.

The document library was updated on 24th August, with the addition of all the supporting documents and the latest draft of our emerging plan.

The Plan Working Group met on 8th August 2017, at 7:15pm at Morton's Farm Tearoom. The discussion considered the text in the 'Community Aspirations' section of the plan, including preferences for traffic management. The group agreed the draft text of the section, which will now be circulated for information. The group agreed to present the Draft of the Pre-submission Consultation Plan to the Parish Council on 13th September. It was agreed that that there will be a community consultation on the draft plan for 6 weeks during September and October 2017, commencing September 18th.

July 2017:

The Plan Working Group met at the Village Hall at 7:15pm on July 19th. The main topic of discussion was the pre-submission draft which was circulated to group members in the last week in June, and available to all in the document library. Discussion centred on the text and layout of the first part of the plan, concerning background and proposed policies.

It was agreed
(1) to discuss a section concerning community aspirations (including traffic management) at the next meeting,
(2) that the pre-submission draft will be presented to the Council at its 13th September meeting, and (if accepted)
(3) the plan will undergo public consultation in the six weeks after 18th September 2017.

June 2017:

The Plan Working Group met on Wednesday 7th June. The sub-groups reported on their continued discussion. The draft objectives will now be compiled into draft policies for discussion at the next meeting.

May 2017:

The Plan Working Group met on Thursday 11th May. Two sub-groups had met and presented their ideas for draft objectives and policies based on the issues of concern that were raised in the consultation. There was discussion of the points which arose from the groups. The Working Group agreed to continue to work in sub-teams and to report back at the next meeting.

Financial support from Localities has been confirmed.

April 2017:

The questionnaire responses have been analysed. The initial tranche of the Government Grant has been spent, and evaluation of the spending has been carried out. A second tranche has been offered, subject to final approval.

The Plan Working Group met on Thursday 13th April. They reviewed the questionnaire results, agreed the key areas to be addressed in the plan and discussed the suggested content of the plan. They agreed to form sub-groups to consider key areas in more detail, reporting back at the next meeting.

March 2017:

The questionnaire was circulated at the end of February, and collected in March. The Plan Working Group met at the Village Hall at 7:30 on Wednesday 15th March. They reviewed an outline of the scoping documentation, the draft transport report and initial questionnaire responses.

February 2017:

A meeting of the Plan Working Group was held at the Village Hall at 7:30 on Thursday 9th February. The discussion was about the design and circulation of a questionnaire.

20th February onwards. Questionnaire circulated with the Parish Newsletter 56. Return by 10th March.

January 2017:

The first formal meeting of the Plan Working Group was held at the Village Hall at 7:30 on Thursday 12th January. The group met with Anthony and Rachel, our planning advisors, to discuss forthcoming activities.

PWG agreed to draft a questionnaire to collect views of Parishioners. A sub-group was formed to draft proposals.

The traffic consultant is due to report this month with proposals for traffic management.

A £5,200 grant was confirmed from Locality to support creation of the plan.

November 2016:

The initial meeting of the Plan Working Group took place at the Village Hall on Thursday 10th November.

At their November meeting, Councillors agreed proposals (1) to appoint a Planning Consultant, (2) appoint a Traffic Consultant and (3) apply for funding from central government to cover the costs of the first section of work.

September 2016:

At their September meeting, Councillors were informed that Gedling Borough Council (GBC) had approved the Plan Area and the application from the Parish Council to be allowed to devise the Development Plan. Ashfield District Council, in consultation with GBC, rejected the proposal to include the houses west of Moor Road in the plan area.

The Council resolved to
1. obtain comparative costings from potential Plan Consultants
2. contact Linby Parish Council with an proposal to share the cost of a Traffic Consultant.
3. form a Working Group from volunteers and representatives, who will act as advisors to the Council as it produces the plan. Arrange an inaugural meeting.
4. consider the matter in more detail at the November meeting.

May 2016:

On 22nd May and 31st May there were public meetings at the village hall to participate in a 'change conversation'. Attended by about 50 residents, we discussed a range of issues including traffic, footpaths, green spaces, housing, pollution, cycle routes, the conservation area, tourism and boosting the local economy.

On 11th May, at the Parish Council meeting, the Council agreed to fund the preliminary stages of the plan process from Council funds. This was to clarify the scope and purpose of the plan, collect initial ideas and permit the Council to apply for a grant to cover expenses of the next phases. We held talks with consultants who will help us to collect information and write the plan.

April 2016:

The Parish Council formally applied to Gedling and Ashfield to request authority to negotiate the plan. There was a public consultation about the boundaries of the proposed area to be covered by the plan.

The Parish Council assumed that the residents of Ashfield living closest to the village would wish to be included in the proposed Neighbourhood Plan, based on feedback over several years which welcomed the delivery of the Parish Newsletter to those homes.
However, including the west side of Moor Road in the plan was not legally possible so the proposed area was altered to include only the civil parish of Papplewick.

The Council shared ideas with Linby Parish Council. Linby residents will develop their own plan. The Parish Councils agreed to work closely, but the two plans will be separate — reflecting the fact that although the two communities have much in common, they face slightly different issues and may have different aspirations.

March 2016:

At the Parish Council meeting, the Council agreed to start work on producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the community. Since that time, Councillors have attended briefings to find out more about the potential value and likely costs of creating a Plan.

We found out that we can apply for Grant Aid to offset the costs. It is intended that the Plan will not be restricted to the Civil Parish of Papplewick, but might address the hopes and concerns of all residents whether they live in Gedling or Ashfield.

A Neighbourhood Plan does not replace or challenge the Local Plan produced by Gedling or Ashfield Councils, but adds local views about how they should be interpreted. The process will begin with a survey to find out what residents think about a range of local issues.

The work has to follow strict guidelines. It will be managed by a joint committee of Councillors and residents.  Once proposals have been produced, a local referendum is required before the plan can be adopted.


December 9, 2017