The draft Plan has been published

The Parish Council and Working Group have gathered views about the Draft Papplewick Neighbourhood Plan.

Useful links

A summary of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The full version of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Document Library : Contains all the supporting documents relevant to the plan.

Background information about consultation

The plan is being devised and agreed through collaboration and consultation between the Parish Council and residents.

The plan will be most effective if as many people as possible have contributed. Please make sure that you let us have your ideas and opinions.

You could offer to contribute in any way: For example — organising, delivering material, planning, displays, refreshments at events, joining working groups …… we’d love to hear from you.

Information about the various phases will be shown below.

Phase 1: Consultation about the area to be covered by plan.

This was the first stage in developing the plan.The Parish Council has been granted permission to develop a Neighbourhood Plan, which will apply to the whole of the civil parish of Papplewick. A map is available in the document library.

Phase 2: Gathering ideas.


Information and ideas workshops - May 2016

These launch events were held on Sunday 22nd and Tuesday 31st May in the Village Hall. The meetings were well attanded and a wide range of topics were discussed. A list of issues of concern was created, and some agreement on what we wish to conserve and maintain in ourcommunity over the coming years. For summary of the key points - see the document library.

Questionnaire survey - February 2017

A questionnaire was circulated in February 2017.More than 50 people responded. The questionnaire and analysed results can be downloaded from the Document Library.

Phase 3: Getting organised.

Papplewick Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Party

A committee has met, consisting of representatives of the 'stakeholders' - that is to say the individuals and organisations that are based in Papplewick. This group includes residents, business leaders, community groups ....

All are welcome to attend, and organisations have been invited to nominate a representative. The early meetings are to discuss the objectives and planned outcomes of the plan, and agree a programme of events to be held. Later the group will draft the plan and organise consultation.

The next meeting will be notified here. New members would be welcome, but please inform the clerk in advance if you would like to join the group.


The plan cannot be developed in isolation. The Council will guide the process but the plan will represent the views of a wide range of people and organisations.

The Papplewick Council will work closely with Linby Parish Council, which is also developing a Neighbourhood Plan at this time. The two Councils have agreed to jointly fund employing a traffic consultant - who will look specifically at the issues related to the roads, including traffic management for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists

The councils will work closely with the Gedling Borough Council, Ashfield District Council and Nottingahmshire County Council.

In addition ....

The council have appointed consultants to advise on technical issues.

Phase 4: Consultation for the pre-publication draft


The working party created a pre-publication draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. This was presented to the Parish Council on 13th September 2017 and approved. A public consultation took place in October and November 2017. The results are being collated and discussed.


December 9, 2017