The process to create the plan started at the beginning of April 2016, and finished with the plan being accepted at the referendum on 5th July 2018. The Parish boundary (plan area) and final version of the plan can be found in the document library.


These pages were developed as the plan was discussed and agreed. They are now archived, and no further updates will be posted.

This is a community project. The Council are guiding the process, but would like as many people as possible to be actively involved. If you would like to help or comment please contact the clerk, in the first instance.

It has been agreedthat the Neighbourhood Development Plan will apply to the Papplewick Neighbourhood Area.

The Neighbourhood Area proposed by the Parish Council, and accepted by Gedling Borough Council, is the whole of the civil parish of Papplewick, shown on the map in the document library.

The Parish Council will also consult with those residents of Ashfield living closest to the village who wish their views to be represented in the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.  This decision has been based on feedback over several years which has welcomed the delivery of the Parish Newsletter to those homes. However, the Papplewick Neighbourhood Development Plan will not apply within Ashfield District.